Endorsement from the Alabama Republican Assembly

Members of the Alabama Republican Assembly voted to endorse Robin Litaker for Place 2 on the Alabama Public Service Commission at its Endorsement Convention in Tuscaloosa on April 30, 2022.

“I am honored to be endorsed by the Alabama Republican Assembly!” Litaker said. “The ALRA is a group who believes ‘that all political power and influence should flow from the grass roots upward.'”

Robin is a retired public school teacher and administrator who believes that God’s calling to her has been to serve people, first as a teacher and school administrator, and now on the Public Service Commission. It is Robin’s love of God, family, and her lifelong commitment to serving the people of Alabama that has driven her to seek public office.

One of my primary goals has been to change the mindset for public service in this state.

Robin Litaker

The Alabama Republican Assembly is a grassroots organization committed to reforming the Republican Party to achieve their goal of a constitutional government. The ALRA is an affiliate of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies.

“My goal is to bring a level of transparency and accountability to state government that has never been seen or experienced by the people of Alabama.”

Robin Litaker

“The Republican Assembly is an organization that Ronald Reagan embraced and is one that promotes conservatism in the tradition of our Founding Fathers,” Litaker said.

Robin Litaker, GOP candidate for Alabama Public Service Commission Place 2 receives endorsement by the Alabama Republican Assembly at its Endorsement Convention in Tuscaloosa on April 30, 2022.