Committee to Elect Robin Litaker, P.O. Box 1671, Fairhope, AL 36533

A Public Servant, Not A Politician

Service on the Alabama Public Service Commission is a full-time job. The person who is elected as commissioner must be at work in Montgomery every day. It’s not a typical elected position.

It’s time the people of Alabama had someone to speak up for ALL the citizens of our great state. I am ready to stand up, speak on your behalf, and look out for your interests.

Fair Representation

I am running because I want to ensure that Alabama taxpayers and utility ratepayers are represented fairly.

I am ready to stand up for YOU against the powerful interests that hold our public bodies captive to their will.

Accountability Matters!

Robin Litaker, candidate for Alabama PSC, Place 2, speaks at the Montgomery Country Club

In my career as an educator I had to uphold a high standard of excellence. I was held accountable to the public in EVERYTHING I did.

Not too long ago Alabama was ranked as the “most corrupt state” in the country. In recent years, we have seen the speaker of the State House of Representatives, the governor, a Supreme Court Justice, and other elected officials removed from office or forced to resign due to controversies, improprieties, and worse.

Why do elected officials and other high level government personnel seem to have a lower standard of accountability than those in public education?

I have spent my entire adult life serving the public. I was vocal and active in profession as a public school teacher and public school administrator. I stood up for Alabama children and teachers in this state and on the national level.

I will stand up for you.

Who knows but that you have come into your position for such a time as this?

From the Book of Esther, 4:14, slightly paraphrasing the NIV
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