Committee to Elect Robin Litaker, P.O. Box 1671, Fairhope, AL 36533

A Commitment to Transparency

My plan for transparency at the PSC is simple, yet absolutely necessary.

Each month I will publish a description of what I did every day at work.

I will post information such as who I have met with—and WHY I met with them.

I will post WHY I vote the way I do during the monthly commission meetings.

I will insist that the PSC website be redesigned to make it more user-friendly and updated regularly so it is a resource for the PEOPLE of Alabama.

I will answer emails and I will travel to meet with citizens whenever I am asked to do so.

I will go to work every day as mandated in Alabama Code Section 37-1-9.

I will prioritize and respect the CONSUMERS who are the taxpaying citizens of Alabama.

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